63K for Bitcoin before EOD? 

If planBĀ“s prediction for end of October is solid, BTCUSD will need to close at or above the 63,000 level. Right now, it is trading at 60,700 so its close, but still got a bit of possible upside, based on this idea alone. While I…


Bitcoin Still in a Range 

Bitcoin did have a drop down to the 59,800 level and immediately bounced back above the 60K level. Right now, it is trading at 60,900. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was looking to long around the 61,000 level, so I put in a couple…


Bitcoin Levels to trade 

Bitcoin did have a solid move to the downside as expected (and mentioned in the previous post), but it never moved all the way down to 57,500 level. 60,000 was clearly a strong level of support, and I do expect Bitcoin to stay above this…


Biased long on BTC 

So BTCUSD made a new all-time high this week, coming up to touch the 67,170 level. Since then, we have seen a drop back down to 61,750 and currently trading around the 62,700 level. Right now, I am planning to open a long position around…


BTC close to key level 

This morning we have seen BTCUSD move another leg to the upside, coming all the way up to 56,230. After this, we have seen a tiny pullback and the pair is currently trading at 55,500. I do think we will see another leg up, and…