The Three Zones to Trade Bitcoin 

PrimeXBT GET AN ACCOUNT TODAY AND START DAYTRADING CRYPTOs PrimeXBT As highlighted in the post yesterday, there are currently three zones where I am looking for possible swing trades on bitcoin. Note that I am taking trades in between these levels, but these are more…


TraderEdge Review 

If you are an active daytrader, you are probably (hopefully)familiar with the concept of backtesting. In this post I will take a closer look at a tool to help you with the process of backtesting – TraderEdge. VISIT TRADEREDGE and start backtesting you trading strategies TraderEdge…


TraderMake.Money Review 

A trading journal is of paramount importance if you want to take trading seriously. Trading should be treated as a business, and because of this, reporting is needed in order to analyze historical performance. This allows you to see where you make profits and where…


Ticker Nerd Crypto Review 

I stumbled upon Ticker Nerd Crypto the other day and decided to sign up for their 30 days free trial and share my experience with you. Visit Ticker Nerd Crypto and sign up for their crypto reports Ticker Nerd Crypto First of all, I should…


Lux Algo Review 

Visit Lux Algo and get their suite of indicators Lux Algo I have covered a couple of indicators here on tradeles (specifically the bitcoin strength index indicator (BSI) and Market God). It is always challenging to give a fair rating to an indicator, as different settings can…