Biased long on BTC 

So BTCUSD made a new all-time high this week, coming up to touch the 67,170 level. Since then, we have seen a drop back down to 61,750 and currently trading around the 62,700 level. Right now, I am planning to open a long position around…


BTC close to key level 

This morning we have seen BTCUSD move another leg to the upside, coming all the way up to 56,230. After this, we have seen a tiny pullback and the pair is currently trading at 55,500. I do think we will see another leg up, and…


BTC Weekend Drop before Halving 

Bitcoin just dropped from around 9,800 down to the 8,100 level, and has since bounced a bit back. It is currently trading around the 8,600 level. There is a lot of chat on twitter and tradingview right now, and for a good reason. This is…


Chase bitcoin rally or miss out 

Yesterday, bitcoin had a massive rally pushing up to $9000. If you are day trading bitcoin, a move like we saw yesterday, is very tempting to trade, but also challenging to trade. The optimal position is naturally to be in the market before BTC had…


Daytrading setup 

While cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class, they do follow some of the traditional TA setups fairly well. But in some ways, cryptocurrencies (and in particular bitcoin), are behaving differently from traditional instruments. Patterns, price action and strategies In this post I want to…