Project Tradeles #2 

Its been more than a month since the first update on my project to grow a crypto account as much as possible with minimal initial investment. Let me start with a recap of February. For February, I had a few things running to passively earn…


Bitcoin Still in a Range 

Bitcoin did have a drop down to the 59,800 level and immediately bounced back above the 60K level. Right now, it is trading at 60,900. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was looking to long around the 61,000 level, so I put in a couple…


Bitcoin Levels to trade 

Bitcoin did have a solid move to the downside as expected (and mentioned in the previous post), but it never moved all the way down to 57,500 level. 60,000 was clearly a strong level of support, and I do expect Bitcoin to stay above this…


Biased long on BTC 

So BTCUSD made a new all-time high this week, coming up to touch the 67,170 level. Since then, we have seen a drop back down to 61,750 and currently trading around the 62,700 level. Right now, I am planning to open a long position around…