Its been more than a month since the first update on my project to grow a crypto account as much as possible with minimal initial investment. Let me start with a recap of February. For February, I had a few things running to passively earn a bit of crypto. Here is a breakdown of what I was using and how much this generated:

Passive crypto Income

Crypto Tab Browser: 0.0000055 BTC

While the amount of satoshis generated from using the Crypto Tab Browser is low, this is entirely passive. I use the Crypto Tab Browser instead of Chrome for all my day-to-day browsing. They also run an affiliate program where you earn a % of the satoshis generated by your referrals. The browser is available both on windows, mac, ios, and android. This has got to be the easiest way to earn crypto for free and completely passive. 

storm gain: 0.0001818 BTC

Storm Gain is a broker, similar to ByBit and PrimeXBT. But Storm Gain offers something additional – a bitcoin cloud miner, which you can use for free. Sign up for a free account on Storm Gain, and click on the bitcoin cloud miner to start mining BTC. The only caveat here is that you can only use the mined bitcoins to trade with. You cannot withdraw the mined BTC. You can withdraw any profit you make from trading with the mined coins. In short, this will allow you to get into margin trading without the need for an actual deposit. Hence you can get started here with margin trading, completely free. 

Ember: 0.00006 BTC

This app allows me to earn crypto by clicking a button. I have been running this for a month now and earned a total of 0.00006 BTC. Although the amount of satoshis earned is low, there are options to up this. If you invest in a portfolio via the app, you will boost earnings (and additional return from the portfolio – I plan to do this next month). You can also refer people to the app to increase your earnings. 

Active crypto income

PrimeXBT: 0.0055 BTC

This is the personal trading account I currently use on PrimeXBT. I started the account with 0.0021889 BTC. During February, the account has had its ups and downs. Ultimately it ended up higher, with a balance of 0.0055 BTC. I plan to document all trades for this account in the future and turn it into a covesting account on PrimeXBT for people to follow as soon as the account balance allows.

Total earnings for February: 0.0057473 BTC 

Plans for March

In March, I plan to post more updates and put money into a couple of more projects. Specifically, I am looking to put a bit of money into a couple of Ember portfolios. I am also interested in copy trading an account on primeXBT, and maybe putting a bit of cash into pionex on an arbitrage system and a grid trading bot. I am also looking to get started with the Nexo app. Stay tuned for more updates, and drop a comment below if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

You can follow the earnings for March below. Note that all numbers are always the balance and not daily earnings.

Daily Balances in march