I have meant to run a particular experiment for a while and document the whole process. Today is the official start of this project which I have named tradeles. An experiment to grow a crypto account as much as possible with a minimal initial investment using a mix of different methods. 

I plan to apply staking, lending, farming, trading, copy trading, etc., to grow a portfolio of different cryptocurrencies to as much as possible within a year. 

There are a couple of reasons for this experiment. First and foremost, I think it will be an exciting project to run. I think it will be interesting to follow along from the sideline and hopefully be inspirational for other traders/investors and crypto-interested individuals. I enjoy trading as a hobby, and I am very interested in the crypto space in general and everything it offers. I know I have a lot to learn about this space, and I like to think of this project as a way to keep my finger on the pulse and educate myself further. 

I got into a couple of projects that generate a few Satoshis every day without much effort. These are:

StormGain: a broker that allows Bitcoin mining. All I had to do was to signup and click a button. The stomgain miner simple runs in the background all day long. Current balance: 9262 Sats. 

CryptoTab: A browser that also does some mining in the background. This is entirely effortless. I use this as my default browser, and this automatically generates satoshis in the background: Current Balance 229 Sats.

Ember: An app with a goal to fundamentally transform what investment products people have access to on a global scale. The app allows you to invest directly into different crypto indices. But they also allow you to “earn” Satoshis by the click of a button. Current balance: 3246 Stas. 

Trading account: So this does not run on itself, and it is definitely not guaranteed to generate a profit daily. This is a tiny trading account that I will try to grow with a rather aggressive approach.

 I will go into more details in upcoming blog posts about this and future plans in the next post. Stay tuned.